CoinsWeekly Special Issue 1/24

  • What to do if a coin might be a counterfeit?
  • Real or Fake? On counterfeiting and private enterprise in the Roman Empire
  • Better than their ancient models or: Why Paduans were not counterfeits
  • Quo vadis, coin fair?
  • Coin dealers and auction houses / Service providers

CoinsWeekly Special 4/23 ANA

  • What to Keep in Mind When Buying Gold!
  • Roman Aurei
  • Medieval Gold Coins
  • Early Modern Multiple Gold Coins
  • Gold Coins of the Latin Monetary Union

CoinsWeekly Special 1/23 NYINC 2023

  • Twelve Caesars on Twelve Coins
  • Coin dealers and auction houses
  • NYINC 2023 Schedule and Program
  • Future NYINCs
  • Coin dealers and auction houses/Service providers

CoinsWeekly Special 2/22 Warsaw 2022

  • How to attract sponsors
  • How to work on your image

MintNews Quarterly 7/2020 December

  • Between Collectors’ Item, Investment Product and Gambling: Privy-Marked Proof 2020-W American Eagles
  • LANG Offers LergoCAD & Relief Designer Programs in One Package
  • Royal Mint: Customer Retention with Webinars
  • Beyond Zoom: The Vast World of Webinar Tools

MintNews Quarterly 7/2020 September

  • The Secondary Market: A Question of Essential Importance
  • How to Break the Vicious Circle and Create a Secondary Market
  • How to Foster an Active Secondary Market: the Classic Coin Market as a Model
  • Best Practice: What Classic Coin Dealers Do to Promote Numismatics
  • The Ten Commandments of Contemporary Coinage

Mint News Quarterly 7/2020 June

  • Remote Maintenance with Smart Glasses – Practical Experiences
  • ‚How to Amaze Collectors Around the World with 800,000 Objects, and No Museum.‘
  • The Future of Coin Fairs – the Coin Fairs of the Future

Mint News Quarterly Snapshot

Currently everyone is suffering from the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, some more, others less. What impact can we expect the situation to have on the coin producing industry? A MNQ special issue summarises the current trends.

Mint News Quarterly 7/2020 March

  • World Money Fair Technical Forum: Coin Industry Displays Its Achievements
  • Coin of the Year Award 2019
  • Cosmos of Collectibles
  • 13th International Contest – Coin Constellation 2019

Mint News Quarterly 6/2019 December

  • Colombian Mint and Responsible Resource Consumption
  • 1st International Forum for Coin Design Art
  • Third Time Lucky? The Curious Case of the Elusive 50 Pence Brexit Coin
  • While Estonia Announces Plan to Issue 10 Million 1 Cent Coins, their Elimination is Also Discussed