United States Denver Mint

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310 West Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80204
Tel: +1 (303) 405-4761


The United States Denver Mint was originally an assay office which the federal government decided to convert into a mint in 1904. After renovations and expansion, the Mint began operations on February 1, 1906, minting gold and silver coins. Production-coining of pennies began in 1911; nickels were produced beginning in 1912. Today, the facility still operates, producing coins for general circulation in addition to mint sets and commemorative coins with the capacity to produce more than 40 million coins per day. On February 1, 1972, the Mint was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Historic Mint Building

The tours/exhibit area includes a walk through the historic Mint building which was constructed between 1898 and 1904 and housed the Denver Mint in its early days. Although it appears from the street to be two stories high, it actually has five floors, built in a Gothic Renaissance architecture modeled after the rusticated stone walls of the Riccardi Palace in Florence, Italy.

Tour Gallery

The Denver Mint tour gallery is on the mezzanine level, and includes glass walls where visitors can look down to see the activities on the production floor. The exhibit/ tour area is composed of five distinct sections with each area having exhibits highlighting the Mint’s history. Among the displays are fifteen glass cases of an exhibit called, „Money, Trade, and Treasures,“ that portrays the curios and imaginative ways in which people respond to the economic life of their particular time in history.

The exhibit features coins, tools, ornaments, as well as precious gems and metals, all served as mediums of exchange going back to the barter system. Other displays include: an exhibit of foreign coins, large balance beam scales, and other machines used in the production of coins in the Denver Mint. The highlight of the exhibits is a display of three gold bars, with each bar weighing 400 troy ounces.

This text was written by Howard M. Berlin and first published in his book Numismatourist in 2014.

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