Royal Canadian Mint

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520 Lagimodiere Blvd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
MB R2J 4J3 Canada
Tel: +1 (204) 983-6429

All of Canada’s coins for circulation are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint’s two locations in Ottawa, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Mint also designs and manufactures precious and base metal coins for collectors; bullion coins of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum; medals, medallions, and tokens. It also provides commercial gold and silver refinery and assay services. In addition, it mints coins for a number of other countries. Both locations offer visitors guided tours in either French or English of their minting operations.

The Winnipeg Facility

The Winnipeg facility, which was officially opened in 1976, allowed the Ottawa facility to concentrate solely on collector coins, while Winnipeg would produce the entire supply of circulation coins for over 75 countries.

Like the Ottawa facility, the Winnipeg facility also offers guided tours, but only Tuesday through Saturday. There is an exception of the peak Victoria Day to Labor Day tourist season when it is open from Sunday and Monday.

Visitors can see the high-tech manufacturing facilities that use massive strips of metal to meet 50-ton presses to produce over 1,000 coins per second, and tour areas featuring interactive coin displays. The Winnipeg facility allows the minting of one billion circulation coins each year.

This text was written by Howard M. Berlin and first published in his book Numismatourist in 2014.

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