Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Denver Branch The Money Museum

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1020 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202
Tel: +1 (303) 572-2429


The Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Denver Branch, located in heart of downtown Denver on the 16th Street Mall, is a unique experience offering a free, up-close look of the nation’s financial system in action. At the Money Museum, visitors can learn more about the Federal Reserve System as the nation’s central bank through interactive exhibits that explore banking, how people pay for things, and how monetary policy decisions impact their family’s bottom line.

U.S Currency on Display

Visitors can travel back in time by viewing United States currency all the way back to 1775. This includes examples of different types of banknotes, such as state, demand, and National Currency. There is even a $100,000-bill, the highest denomination ever authorized by the Federal Reserve Bank, but one that is not allowed for public circulation.

The Role of the Federal Reserve System

Visitors can see the Federal Reserve Bank in action through interactive exhibits and videos that explain more about the nation’s central bank, what it does to promote a healthy economy, and how it impacts citizens‘ daily lives. You can take a close-up peek at what $30,000,000 looks like, and see what happens to unfit currency after it is shredded.

Design Your Own Money

Although the look of the nation’s currency has been changing over the last several years, visitors can give the nation’s currency his or her personal own redesign by combining symbols and elements with an exhibit designed specifically for the Money Museum.

Interactive Exhibits

Several interactive exhibits are available. One allows visitors to test their skill at determining a real $20-bill from a counterfeit. Another shows a short film „The Fed and You,“ excerpted from the documentary, „10-J: The History of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.“

Before leaving, visitors can grab a free bag of shredded money – though some assembly is required!

This text was written by Howard M. Berlin and first published in his book Numismatourist in 2014.

You can order his numismatic guidebook at Amazon.

Howard M. Berlin has his own website.

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